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Hello I am Tiina

A creative, transformational life guide for high-performing, heart-centered women. A mother to the finest pearl in a sea of treasures. A vulnerable, courageous soul with a quietly roaring rebel heart, whose purpose is to help women LIVE their own kind of wonderful so that they can change their world.


I guide high-performing, heart-centered women bursting to flourish from self-doubt and constant self-criticism to living to their full, chosen potential.

You are enough

Journey to knowing that you are enough in order to let go of self-criticism, lack of boundaries and life imbalance.

Boundaries - the slightly scary No and the exhilarating Yes

Move towards courageous no’s and life affirming yes’s and discover that you have more of the time, energy and balance that you crave.

Increasing and embracing self-care

Realize that the ability to honestly and energetically give to others starts with relentless self-care.

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