Reclaim who you truly are  

Hello I am Tiina

A creative, transformational life guide for high-achieving, heart-centered women. A mother to the finest pearl in a sea of treasures. A vulnerable, courageous soul with a quietly roaring rebel heart, whose purpose is to help women LIVE their own kind of wonderful so that they can change their world.

A soulful woman who believes that knowing yourself and embracing yourself wholeheartedly, brings you ever closer to living your own kind of wonderful. Once you do - the impact you have on your self and the world around you will astound you.

What I  Do

I guide high-achieving, heart-centered women bursting to flourish from self-doubt and constant self-criticism to living to their full, chosen potential.

My Services

You Are Enough

Journey to knowing that you are enough in order to let go of self-criticism, lack of boundaries and life imbalance.

Maintain Your Boundaries

Move towards courageous no’s and life affirming yes’s and discover that you have more of the time, energy and balance that you crave.

Embracing Self Care

Realize that the ability to honestly and energetically give to others starts with relentless self-care.

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The help you gave me in September has truly transformed me and my relationships. I'm more resilient, more open and I've seen a change in the way even long-term friends respond to me. Thank you. Those two words don't seem to be enough, but they are what I have...

Clare  (NLP client)
Founder of Sustainable Success

There was nothing cosmetic about this coaching process, and I am seeing the positive effects of it not only in the actions I have accomplished, but in how I feel and think about myself – Tiina’s coaching will have an effect on my life long after we finish our work together.

Irian (coaching client)
Executive Assistant

​Tiina helped me to create a subtle yet powerful shift in my ability to initiate conversation and respond to others. I used to avoid, or feel uncomfortable in certain social situations and would resist interacting with people when I felt like I had to 'break the ice'. Now, I find myself connecting with others in a more natural, automatic way and not feeling like I'm ever forcing myself to be something or someone I'm not.

(Rapid Transformational Therapy client)