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Finding Your Inspiration

Finding your inspiration


Hello lovely,


How are you?

Remember – I am asking you for real. Take time to reflect on that question. Maybe see that moment of reflection as a part of your self-care routine.

Inspiring women

I went to a local networking event last Friday. Due to the school run and not managing my time particularly efficiently that morning, I was running late and the networking event had kicked off half an hour before I got there. I consequently missed the mingling around before the guest interviews, which are always a part of these events. (We can of course speculate if I subconsciously wanted to come late in order to miss the mingling part – and that is a story for another time).

Driving to the event and knowing that I was late, I had to force myself to still go. I had to sneak into the room while a local big shot politician was talking on stage. I was all apologetic smiles and the first seat I could spot was one right at the front of the stage. I hoped I was more or less invisible and sat down.

I am very glad that I ended up at the event as there were two guests there that really inspired me – BIG TIME. One was a lady who has a PhD from back in the day and has worked as a CEO in many big companies as well as in governmental positions. A wonderfully humble and inspiring woman, particularly when asked the question about being a woman in a man’s world.

The second inspiring guest was a young woman, 20 years old, who after finishing her A-levels tried some jobs out and is now a CEO of a company. She employs 11 people and they are growing all the time. Her goal is to start her own company. Lovely, ambitious, funny, ballsy young woman.

Having taken part in their journeys I was so pleased, satisfied and happy when I left the event.

I will contact both women and thank them for their inspiration, for showing up and being honest and real in front of a big crowd of people.

Consider the following:

Who inspires you?

In what way could you reach out to them and tell them how they inspire you and what difference they make in your life?

Who do you inspire? How?

Until next time – enjoy the beautiful autumn colours, light a few candles, and listen to some inspiring talks online.


With love,



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