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I’m Possible

Turning the impossible to I’m possible


“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible” Audrey Hepburn

This is such a great quote from a lovely lady and a very good example of how we can choose to see things differently. The word impossible becomes I’m possible, I can make things possible. Having a very big goal can be daunting and indeed it can seem impossible at the time, yet through baby steps and continually working towards that goal I’m making it increasingly possible. Looking back is a great tool for understanding how I am making things possible. Like someone who one day managed to run the marathon for a good cause – they didn’t get up one morning, strap on their running shoes and say: ‘Today I fancy running the marathon!’ and then happily set off. It took months of preparation to be able to finish that marathon in one piece. At the beginning, it may have seemed like an impossible task for someone who had never ran before and never had the ambition until now to do so. But little by little that person made it possible, by starting small and increasing the distance week by week. And looking back they can indeed realise: ‘I made it possible. I’m possible.’

So, when you think that something is impossible, have a think back at your life and remember all the times you made things possible and know that you can do it again. Know that you are the one making things happen – one step at a time.

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