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In search of the happiness trail

In search of the happiness trail

Hello lovely,

How are you?

No, I am asking seriously and with genuine interest – how are You?

Often we do not even reflect on the question and even less on the answer as the words “I’m fine” easily slip out.

Maybe because we have not considered how we actually feel.

Maybe because we do not think that the other person actually wants to know how we are.

Maybe because we are running on autopilot and we don’t actually have time to get into how we are, and we fear that neither does the other person.

I think sometimes we feel much worse than fine, but we do not want to burden anyone with the answer that accurately reflects our feeling.

I also think that very often we feel a whole lot better than fine. I have sometimes quite unexpectedly realised that I am actually feeling really great. And would it not be wonderful to say that to people.

“You know what – I am great! I’m feeling absolutely fantastic!”

As for me, at the time of writing this I am partly excited. There are so many things going on for me right now. Finally connecting with you like this is brilliant, even though there is a nagging feeling that I should have finished my new look website before doing anything else.

So I’m excited, ready to go and joyful about being connected to you.

The other part of me is feeling slightly sad and disappointed. With myself. I broke a promise to my daughter and I have been thinking about ways to fix that, while knowing that it might be unfixable and that I might just have to eat humble pie and accept that things didn’t work out how I would have liked them to. I will sit down with her and talk about it and explain the reason to breaking that promise. Wish me luck.


The happiness trail

For those of you who don’t know, I record a series called Illuminations with Tiina and Fi. Fi and I have a conversation about life subjects that we think are important and worth exploring. Every month we have a new subject, we invite a guest and we give our community some nuggets of how and where they can find more information should they want to.

The month of August was all about happiness – what it is, why it is an important subject to talk about, how we can feel happy more often and so on. We interviewed a lovely woman, Michelle Hebbard, who calls herself an explorer of life and she was wonderfully inspiring in telling us about her happiness trail. And last but not least we have shared some happiness nuggets with you.

I have included the episode with Michelle here as I think her way through exquisite highs and exquisite lows (her words) led her to a realisation that feeling satisfied was a key for her to feel happy.

Until next time – live your own kind of wonderful. Flourish in ways you didn’t think were possible. Give and receive love and be kind to yourself,


With love,



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