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Self Balance

Moving from balance to self-balanced

I find that chasing after a balanced life causes many women to feel even more stressed. We are told in magazine articles and blog posts that once we reach a perfect 50/50 work-life balance then we will experience less stress and feel harmonious, every day.

I would say that 50/50 doesn’t work for everyone – heck, it doesn’t work for most.

No one else can decide what makes you feel balanced and harmonious, only you can.

Maybe your perfect life is totally different and fully wonky in terms of percentages work, life, play, family and whatever else makes up your life, to throw in the pot of your life.

Separating work and life also seems like madness to me. What is that actually saying? Work-life balance? That when we go to work we are not living? Work is very much a part of life, some of us are delighted by that fact, others less so. But we are doing ourselves a disservice when we consider work something outside of life, even if we only do so by the words we use. Language is important. The words we choose about our life and the various situations we are in are important. They shape what and how we feel about our own lives.

So, make sure that you live according to your own rules – seek out self-balance and enjoy living all the time – whether you are at work or not.

Should you be doubtful about knowing what it is that makes you feel self-balance, consider these three questions:

What do you want?

Who do you want to be?

How do you want to feel, daily?

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