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Thoughts To Consider

Thoughts To Consider While Living, Loving and Embracing Your Own Kind of Wonderful

Love yourself and be able to love another without fear

When you are secure and grounded in yourself, when you know your self-worth and show yourself compassion and kindness, loving others fully becomes easy and effortless. When you find peace in being you, the way you are, you can love others openly and honestly without resentment.

Believe in yourself and you encourage others to believe in themselves

You are not doing anyone any favours by constantly doubting yourself and your abilities. Not only will this create doubt in others about you, others will not be inspired to believe in themselves either.

Find yourself and the right people will find you

Knowing your wants and desires, knowing who you want to be in this world and knowing how you want to feel will help you create the life you want to lead. This will in turn attract the perfect ‘right’ people to you.

Give yourself time and time will give itself to you

Consider that you have all the time you need, for what is important. Be clear on boundaries and the value of your time. You have enough time for everything that matters. The key here is to make the choices that work for you and your loved ones. Others can wait.

Know yourself and you will know how to understand others

When you know yourself, you know where you end and another person begins. You can separate your shit from theirs. That is liberating.

Make mistakes and be thankful that you made them because you learned something valuable

Please don’t forget this one. People who we look up to and who we think have brilliant minds, hearts and souls have made countless mistakes, often more than the average Joe. Often, mistakes is what got them to where they are today. By all means – be sad, disappointed, angry – for a while. Then dust yourself off and know that you move forward stronger, smarter and with a bigger heart, capable of loving even deeper and wider.

Consider that joyfulness is a choice, and imagine what this belief could help you transform

Allow yourself to sit with this thought. Allow yourself to imagine choosing joy daily – what kind of life would be available to you? Burst it wide open honey, burst it wide open.

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