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A life less frustrated: Explore and understand your frustration and know that you are not alone


This episode of Illuminations with Tiina and Fi ended up being a very honest account of my own frustration, how it builds up, the things that trigger me and how I am increasingly living a life less frustrated.

In the past I have been an expert in keeping quiet and allowing frustrations to build up over time, only to release the pressure and chandelier all over the place – with the result of my outbursts being directed at innocent people who have nothing to do with my frustration building up.

I have changed the pattern of frustration by admitting to why I am frustrated (I mean the REAL reason) and then taking ownership of it. This has led me to greater understanding, which in turn has led me to the knowledge that I can do something about MY frustration.

The following list might help you understand the origin of your own frustration better:

  • Losing control over a situation – a momentary situation or a life situation that has been building up over time.
  • Not communicating own wants and needs to another person
  • Not having clear boundaries
  • Letting fears stop you from living your dream or trying out new things, or that stop you from leaving toxic relationship and activities behind you
  • Not being heard
  • Not being understood
  • Your values and passions getting challenged


Taking ownership of my own frustration and the behaviours I had chosen because of those frustrations, didn’t mean that I was blaming or judging myself. Rather it meant that I was in control over my own feelings and behaviours and once I was in control I could change them.

While honest self-awareness has been vital in this process, meditation has been key for me in being calmer and living a life less frustrated. Much to the delight of my daughter, no doubt. Our relationship, that was always very good, has become even better due to the work I have done around this issue.  

It has been a win all around! A life changer to say the least.

So over to you:

What are your frustrations?

Who do you blame for your frustrations?

What would happen if you owned your frustrations?

Who could help you live a life less frustrated, and how?

Here is the Illuminations episode about frustration I mentioned:

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